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"Intro to Improv: Improbasics 2"


Would you like to continue your improv journey? Do you have some experience already and would like to enhance it, or simply stay in training? Then this is the right course for you – a 5 hours class to keep your funny bones in shape, to explore new improv territories, and to get the right kind of kick for the upcoming week.

The goal is for you to further explore the joy of playing and performing, to learn to enjoy creating and performing in front of others, to experience the fundamentals of storytelling and to explore your own style of performance.

We will continue to cover the basics of improvised theater and collaborative creativity: attention, acceptance, saying “yes”, being in the moment and the ping-pong principle. In addition we will take a more direct look at the meaning and mechanism of theater games, both as a training technique and form of entertainment. Character work, from the body and the mind, will foster your entertaining and acting skills. Last but not least we will start to understand how stories and scenes work, based on the principle ideas of the hero’s journey.
The atmosphere of the course is always appreciative and supportive – lots of fun and laughter is guaranteed every evening!


Töpferstrasse 26
8045 Zürich

Tram Nr. 5 oder 13 bis Haltestelle Laubegg/S10 ab Zürich Hauptbahnhof bis Haltestelle Binz




von 17 bis 99 jährig


10 am to 3 pm   


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theater anundpfirsich Zürich | Email an theater anundpfirsich senden


160 Fr.


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